Non-profit Executive Director
Patrice Borders’ approach to coaching makes recognizing where change is necessary easy.

Company President & CEO
I hired Patrice Borders after meeting her at breakfast for the first time. My gut told me that she could tackle anything, and solve it. I gave her the single, toughest people problem I have in my company, with a C-level person who refused to admit to having a problem. Patrice tackled it and solved it, using every skill and every bit of commitment she could harness. Patrice Borders is outstanding!

Legal Association President
I’m so glad I met Patrice in time to develop a program for my association’s board retreat. Her obvious expertise and pleasant demeanor helped energize the board to think about how to make the year a success. I also received positive feedback from attendees for creating an environment conducive to not only teamwork, but personal growth. I couldn’t have done that without Patrice and her fantastic presentation. Thanks Patrice! 

Law Firm Administrator
Patrice – loved your presentation! I shared with the group afterwards that I was so surprised and thoroughly enjoyed it. Professional organizations often times go overboard, pounding emotional intelligence into their employees so much to the point that for me personally, I cringe. I’ve heard and participated in it all, I don’t want to hear it anymore. I walked away from your presentation knowing that I heard and participated in something truly unique and right on target for our group! I enjoyed participating and your presentation skills made the entire experience fun! 

Happiness is a Habit Attendee
Hey Patrice! I love the pic! We had such a great time and you are soooo good at what you do! I’m still HAPPY! 🙂