5 Go-to Goal-getting Quotes

Nearly 50% of Americans started 2016 by setting new goals ranging from personal to professional. Now, as the first month of the year comes to a close, 1 in 3 has already abandoned their goals. The struggle is real. Achieving goals requires inoculation against self-doubt and steady dosages of encouragement.  I have found five quotes that are the right prescription for moving me from goal-setting to goal-getting.

Here are my top 5 go-to quotes that fuel me with the right balance of self-patience and self-encouragement to stay the course.  If your goals are feeling sluggish, take at least two quotes and call yourself “re-charged” in the morning!

walt disney quote 1

henry ford quote 2

td jakes quote 3

yoda quote 4

jana stanflied quote 5


The goals have been set, now go get ’em!


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